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Choose Your Mask For Today
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Choose Your Mask For Today

This is more than a contest entry, it's a visual journey into the complexities of human emotion. Clad in streetwear featuring Heart in Hand symbolism, the character bears traditional tattoos and poignant lyrics, encapsulating a personal narrative of inner struggles. The LED-faced figure prompts a daily c

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Update - 21 Dec 2023


Hi everyone.

Concept and Creative Process:

In crafting the character's texture for this contest, I embarked on a journey of self-expression and introspection. As a 3D artist and someone personally grappling with the challenges of depression, I sought to translate these complex emotions into a visual narrative.

Streetwear Aesthetic:

The character is adorned in a streetwear ensemble, featuring black skinny jeans, classic black Vans Old School sneakers, a black t-shirt bearing the emblem of the English band Heart in Hand, and a sleeveless denim jacket.

Ink-Stained Identity:

To add a unique touch, exposed parts of the body—such as ankles, arms, and head—are adorned with traditional tattoos and lettering inspired by the profound lyrics of Heart in Hand's songs. Each tattoo encapsulates a fragment of emotion and serves as a visual diary of inner struggles.

Digital Persona:

The face is replaced by a LED display with a poignant message: "Choose your mask for today" This symbolic display reflects the daily ritual of donning emotional masks to conceal genuine feelings. The display features various options but the cursor hovers over "QUIT" representing the ongoing battle with thoughts of quitting the facade.

Symbolism of Choices:

Each choice on the LED display carries profound symbolism. "Happy", "Excited" and "Friendly" represent the societal expectations of positivity, while the persistent cursor on "Quit" unveils the internal struggles of battling depression. The character becomes a canvas, showcasing the perpetual conflict between the desire to conform and the burden of true emotions.

This entry transcends the confines of a contest; it's a visual manifestation of the constant negotiation between self-expression and societal expectations. The character becomes a vessel for exploring the dichotomy of public persona and private torment, shedding light on the silent struggles often concealed behind smiles.

It should be noted that every reference to clothing brands, logos, and song lyrics belongs to their respective owners. The Vans logo and Heart in Hand lyrics are registered trademarks with all rights reserved; their inclusion is purely for demonstrative purposes and confers no rights to the artist.

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