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Here is my concept for the Meet Mat 3 contests.

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Update - 14 Jan 2024

Hello Everyone ! Here is my last update for my Giratina Meet Mat 3 challenge! I hope you'll like it ;)

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Update - 8 Jan 2024

A little Update of Giratina ! 

Update - 31 Dec 2023

Here's an update on my work on Giratina!

I'm not doing the extrusion with the height yet, because i meet problems, but I like the way it looks.

Update - 21 Dec 2023

Hi everyone ! My name is Ifticene Boussenah, im a 3rd years student in Paris Ynov Campus.

I want to share with you my project. As a fan of Pokemon, I choose the legendary Giratina as reference. I love the concept of the pokemon, so i wanted to make it for MEET MAT 3 contest.

Hope you will like it