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Meet Mat 3- Ice Cream
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Meet Mat 3- Ice Cream

It's just an ice cream. But have 3 major flavours (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla)

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Update - 1 Jan 2024

Happy New Year!!!

Here is my final render with Meet Mat, if not anything refined or feedback I guess this is a final outcome.  Not only include front and perspective camera angles, but I also have to do the close-up or another angle to rendering, at least need to show up the details. I had to fix some colours and make it brighter in photoshop after done the render.

So, I hope you like my final entry, if not never mind.  🥲

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Update - 28 Dec 2023

After done the blocking texture, I will add the texture like any food texture or some fabric for an outfit. Just make anything have a detail and a half of stylish. For the Outfit I will use the ice cream cone texture plus the fabric, just to make it more interesting.

Also the base, just make the flavour and add some sauce or fruit. However, the liquid head mostly has height, unlike the body liquid.

Update - 27 Dec 2023

After being done blocking 3d models, it is time to blocking texture (aka the simple colour). Some texture like liquid I will draw myself. Stay tunes more about the detail texture.

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Update - 24 Dec 2023

First, I will colour for the meet mat at Adobe Substance Painter, since the colour is still progressing. I will be blocking models such as outfits, gloves, hats and so on. The hat includes cherry, an ice cream cone, 2 different marshmallows and polkies, all 3D models made in Autodesk Maya. (Sorry about that because I don't have experience to use Zbrush or Substance 3D modeler, I only know how to use Maya to model it.)

Update - 16 Dec 2023

Let me present another The Rookies contest, this is my second time (not including The Rookies Awards) joining The Rookies challenge, it's called Meet Mat 3. (The First time I'll join The Rig B Contest).

Basically I'm a 3D Animation, but I am still not good with texture or 3D models. This time I'll try my best to do it.

Here is my final concept. In this concept I will make ice cream, and the ice cream mat has a facial smile and outfit.