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Mossy Catfish Statue Mat
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Mossy Catfish Statue Mat

Mat’s cute, little design always reminded me of some sort of little statue or robot, so I figured I’d make a fantasy-inspired mossy statue, as if Mat is a magical guardian of the forest, or golem of some kind.

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Update - 15 Dec 2023

Here are my final renders for the project! I changed the intensity of the emission and added some hand painted colour variation to make Mat look more like he's carved from actual stone. This was a very enjoyable process and good practise, given my limited experience in Substance Painter.

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Update - 14 Dec 2023

I started adding in further contrast and making the colours richer. I played around with environment lighting and created a more moody atmosphere, as seen in this render. I'll now continue adding hand painted details to make Mat seem more aged.

Update - 13 Dec 2023

I started adding in detail, such as applying a modified marble smart material, and an emission map to really bring out Mat's eyes. Although I'm happy with the appearance at this point, I'll begin adding further details such as more colour variation to push Mat to the next level.

Update - 13 Dec 2023

I exported the high poly mesh from Zbrush and baked it in Substance Painter, and here's the result! I added in all the carved details from the concept art, and now plan on adding the materials in a realistic style.

Update - 13 Dec 2023

I began by gathering inspiration on Pinterest, and came across an artwork by Chris Hopgood ( that featured intricate carving designs. I decided to go a similar route with my concept, and created my first artwork, which I plan on using as a reference to make a custom high poly mesh in Zbrush.