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Update - 18 Jan 2024

Hello everyone! I'm excited to share my latest and final update for the 3D Digital Painting Meet Mat 3 contest. This journey has been thrilling, and I'm pleased to showcase the results of my hard work.

In this latest version, I've made numerous changes that truly make my work stand out. One key element is the implementation of various texture maps created using Substance Designer. This tool has given me the opportunity to explore and experiment, allowing me to craft detailed and captivating textures that further enrich my project.

Additionally, I've added a special touch with the introduction of lights that make the entire scene more evocative. Lighting plays a crucial role in digital art, and I've worked diligently to ensure that the lights enhance the details and create an engaging atmosphere.

Participating in this contest for the first time has been incredibly rewarding. It challenged me, sparked my creativity, and, most importantly, provided enjoyable moments as I worked on creating the textures. Thanks to everyone for the support and inspiration during this creative journey. I look forward to sharing more future projects and continuing to grow as a 3D artist. Thanks again, and best of luck to all participants!

The figurine I created is inspired by ecclesiastical style, with numerous references to my city, Naples. For example, inside the figurine, the eyes depict the congealed blood of San Gennaro, a highly venerated religious figure in Neapolitan tradition. This detail not only adds an element of symbolic meaning but also establishes a profound connection to the spirituality and devotion present in Neapolitan culture.

In the center of the figurine's abdomen, I placed a characteristic heart of Naples, symbolizing the love and identity of the city itself. This heart becomes a tangible representation of the passion, energy, and affection that define daily life in Naples. Incorporating this heart into the artwork not only endows it with distinctive iconography but also ties it tangibly to the vibrant and warm atmosphere of the city.


thank you all for watching, see you next time!!

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Update - 29 Dec 2023

Update - 12 Dec 2023

I'm excited to present my project for this competition: MeetMat, an innovative exploration inspired by the precious jewels of the Treasure of San Gennaro, the Treasure of Naples Cathedral, and other fascinating works.