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Meet Altair
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Meet Altair

Hey y'all this is my entry for the Meet Mat contest. I've decided to recreate Altair from the iconic videogame saga Assassin's Creed. Hope you'll like it and keep following for more and further W.I.P

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Update - 19 Jan 2024

Final Update

Here are the contest renders, I've added some details such the fabric's folds and a little of  bit of grunge and dirt. I've also updated the base adding a plate engraved the name of altair.

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Update - 28 Dec 2023

This is my last update before the final submit. I  gave to my meet mat a FACE! (finally). It's a chibi face since i think, it'll make a nice effect with the entire meet mat style and poportions

I've also added the red fabric around his chest and some sewing seams to the hood

I'm already working on the final submit, focussing to add some folds and the final retouches...stay tuned!

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Update - 11 Dec 2023

For this W.I.P I've decided to focus on the leather armor. To recreate it, I've used different levels of displace, trying to achieve all the various leather layers, and the stitches brush to add a little bit of detailing 

Then I've tried to recreate the hood effect where Ill'put the Meet Mat face

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Update - 7 Dec 2023

First Stage: Concept and References study

First of all I've created a rough sketch in Photoshop, trying to adapt the iconic Altair's armor to the design of the Meet Matt. The base will simulate the hay where  the assassins fall in after performing the leap of faith

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