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Stone Scales Tribute
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Stone Scales Tribute

Meticulously carved scales narrate tales of endurance. This creation stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of strength and subtle vibrancy, inviting contemplation within its composed and refined presence. A fusion of resolute stone embellished with subtle red and orange accents.

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Update - 19 Dec 2023

In my latest update, I've added three cone spikes to the arm, complemented by a captivating mouth-like face. These bold enhancements inject personality into the character, marking a significant visual evolution. Stay tuned for more as the transformation unfolds!

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Update - 14 Dec 2023

Upgrade the model with accessories and claws for a stylish and formidable edge.

Update - 10 Dec 2023

I integrate fundamental textures, introducing a scaled stone skin, and infuse subtle glowing effects to enhance its visual appeal.

Update - 2 Dec 2023