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Little Red Riding Hoot
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Little Red Riding Hoot

Needle felted toy, with knitted hood.

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Update - 18 Jan 2024

Finished Miss Little Red Riding Hoot.

Finished Miss Little Red Riding Hoot.

This was a fun little experience. I learned a lot during this project, especially about how much more I need to learn about Substance Painter. I've used mostly Mari and Katana before.
I would like to redo this project when I have more experience with Substance Painter.

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Update - 16 Jan 2024

Spent some time tweaking the eyes to make them look like less glued on. Cleaned up some details as well.

Update - 15 Jan 2024

Adding in the finer details and figuring out the glass eyes

Update - 19 Dec 2023

Blocking out the main details and textures.

Update - 18 Dec 2023

Trying to find the needle-felted look.

I played around in Substance Designer and then in Painter to create the material. I'm not 100% happy with it, it looks a bit like cork, I'll keep adjusting to get a softer look. So far I prefer the material from Substance Painter.

Update - 22 Nov 2023

Little Red Riding Hoot

I aim to achieve various fabric textures and materials for this little owl. My goal is to make her look like a handmade toy.