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Meet Mat Sun and Moon
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Meet Mat Sun and Moon

My entry for the Meet Mat 3 challenge! It's inspired by the Sun and Moon sky as well as the venitian masks carnaval!

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Update - 19 Jan 2024

ouff finally done with my entry!

There was some struggle and back and forth between ideas but overall it was a fun learning experience and I am happy with the result!

Render done in Marmoset


Additional render

References and concept art

What change from the concept art: 

At first I wanted to do some kind of crown but I realize that it would have been cut from the render and I didn't want to change the camera view.

For the head I've decided to do some type of sky to emulate more the sun and moon aspect.

Since the last update, I've made the shoes and completed the night part of the character. The night part was pretty straight forward to do as it was almost the same textures as for the day part. As for the shoes, the base is a matte painting that I've done in Photoshop which I've added a cracked paiting effect (from a picture) in painter (all of the images used are free use from Unplash and Flickr)

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Update - 9 Jan 2024

Update - 2 Jan 2024

Happy new year!

For this update I've work on the coat and shirt using some alphas that I've created from scratch or found online.

I've also created a patch in Sampler

Update - 21 Dec 2023

I've been busy doing night shifts these past few days so couln't really work on my entry. I did have Procreate with me so I was still able to refine some of the concept and make my overall presentations better.

There's still some tweaking but the head is mostly done at this point in the way of sculpting.

I was able to create also 2 alphas in substance Designer out of an existent JRO tools ornament alpha. 

Update - 7 Dec 2023

I sudently had an illumination with what I could do with my project. I decided to inspired myself with the venitian masks. Like that I could keep my sun and moon concept without without struggling with the abstract conception too much. While working with different materials / frabrics. 

There's still some concepting to be done as I'm not too sure what to do with the head. The crown is nice but I would need to change the camera view a lot for it too fit... :S

Update - 1 Dec 2023

Fort this update, I've rework my concept a bit and aded a sunset and sunrise and tested some materials and displacement. 

My first idea was to make some kind off fluffy cloud with some SSS but I couldn't get the material that I wanted right so I changed it a bit.

With that in mind my idea now my goal now is to do some kind of statue with some landscape relief inspired by those 3D real life painting that you sometimes see.

For the body I've created a sky cloud in Substance Designer with 2 base color for the day and night out of alphas that I created out of Photoshop brushes. The tilling seem to be a bit off in SD but in Painter it's all good without adding aditional tilling. 

I've added some oil painted filter on top to get some painting effect. Altough I might try to get this effect in Designer with a final normal on top as my computer is suffering from all of these filters on top of each other... :(

My goal for this project is to work as non destructive as possible. The path tool in Painter is literally a life saver for that and allowed me to blend the 2 skys in a non destructive way. 

For the feet I created 2 alphas out of free images found online.

As for the clock, I used individual paths so that the numbers can be move freely. 

Update - 21 Nov 2023

21 nov: Concept art

Inspirations, reference images and things to do