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It is inspired by statues and elements from oriental culture, which I personally like and wanted to give it a shot. All masks and layers were painted without the use of any external software, which was challenging but also very fun, since I had a lot of artistic freedom when painting stuff by hand.

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Update - 21 Nov 2023

Folk Art of India has a 30000-year rich history of art and culture. There are various tribes in India and most of them express themselves through art and songs. With time the art has moved from stone and mud walls to canvas.India is currently separated into states and association regions, which have their own interesting social and conventional characters. Each locale has its style and workmanship known as society craftsmanship. Aside from society craftsmanship, there is a workmanship which was generally polished by the individuals of rustic and innate populaces which is known as the court workmanship. These crafts of India are basic yet charming. They tell about the extravagance of the nation's legacy.

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