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Rurouni  Meet Mat
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Rurouni Meet Mat

I want to create a samurai armor since I really like that style of armor and I wanted to recreate the materials in substance painter

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Update - 2 Jan 2024

This will be my last update of the character, in the end I was very happy with the final result, I added more details to the mask and improved the knot on the belt.

hope you like it

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Update - 26 Dec 2023

For this update I focused on improving the helmet and I did a little more wear on the armor.

I also added details around the mask to better simulate a traditional samurai helmet.

I would love your opinion on this.

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Update - 17 Dec 2023

I was not happy with the mask and how it fit on the meet mat, so I decided to create a new one using the face of the meet mat as a base and thus I got something that better fit it and was more to my liking.

Also improve the texture of pants and rope. I Adjusted the texture of the pants, as well as adding some wear to the chest.

I also started working on the mask and I already made the details on the teeth, I still want to add more details to the mask and change the material of the eyes so that they stand out more

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Update - 4 Dec 2023

For this update I decided to focus on placing the materials on the meet mat, I still have to refine some areas and better define the displacement

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Update - 3 Dec 2023

After finishing the materials, I started working with the displacement map to get the armor and get it to a point I liked.

I plan to work with the displacement map a little more to see if I can get a better result

To make the details of the armor I used the Paint along path tool to get different widths and effects in the different areas of the armor

Update - 30 Nov 2023

I started by creating the base materials and trying some displacement techniques using zbrush and its height renders to be able to get the mask that you see on screen.

Update - 21 Nov 2023

Meet Mat Samurai

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