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Judith Escuder - The Rookies 2023

Judith Escuder - The Rookies 2023

Judith Escuder
by Judy on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! Judy here, I’m a 3D character artist with a lot of interest in modeling for animation and videogames! Many of this pieces are from my graduation. I know I have a lot to improve and I would appreciate any opinion or commentary that could help me with my workflow.

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“Saori” It’s the first project that I have made out of my degree, It was a big challenge to accomplish a character with this level of detail. Also was my first run into XGen.

I’ve learned a lot with this project and I’m specially thankful with Ycfc videos that helped me with the project!

Concept art by Ycfc.

Full render:

Sculpt details:

Concept art:


Coconut Crab

“Coconut Crab” is a project that I presented early last year while I was doing my master degree. I bring it back to show you some new renders that were missing last year and details that I’ve made!

Concept art by Kevin Glint.

Concept art:


Vampire Lucy

“Vampire Lucy” was one of the last projects I’ve made in Animum 3D during the past year. She’s a cartoonish vampire fully prepared to be rigged/animated!

Concept art by Joshhunterblack.

Full render:

Concept art:


Ancient Warrior

“Ancient Warrior” is a game ready character that was my final project at Animum. My biggest challenge with him was to made all his props and details without overpassing a maximum of polygons.

Concept given by Animum.

Full render:



Hope you love all the stuff I made during this year, I’ll come back next with more! See you soon and good luck everyone ^^

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