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Emma Ekström - Concepts and Illustrations

Emma Ekström - Concepts and Illustrations

by emitzo on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Some pieces I've done during the year I've studied on future games. My artstation :

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This was for an assignment we had in school. We were supposed to make a character in level 1 and 10 and a isometric map with assets. I decided to make several different silhouettes and tried to figure out the shape and class of my character. After I had decided on a silhouette I was happy with I started doing some research on photo references for different lighting and coloring. I found that the art style Blizzard had was fitting to use as references. I blocked out my isometric map in Maya and then started rendering in Photoshop. 

Environment art that was made during my free time. During this time period I started to realize how much I actually love to do environment art, especially with dramatic lighting. I blocked this scene out in Maya first to get a more accurate view of how the light would fall onto the ground.

This are some things that I picked from my personal archive. Some abstract environments, some study drawings and silhouettes and 2 more rendered pieces.

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