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A Year Of Environments

A Year Of Environments

Malou De Paepe
by MalouDePaepe on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

As a second year Game Graphics student, we had two courses on 3D environments and these quickly became my favourite. In total, we have made three environments thus far which I will be showing here.

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This assignment was an introduction into baked lighting, the concept was to make an Archviz scene with static lights and make it as realistic as possible. The focus was also on composition and post-processing and learning how to make a very life-like scene and the mistakes that show they are 3D.

 All assets are downloaded from various websites or from Quixel. 


This was our first outdoor assignment. We had to take or create a concept and recreate it. The main focus of this assignment was getting used to iterating in 3D, lighting and composition. It was also the first time we learned about using fog cards, foliage painter and look-up tables. I really enjoyed this assignment and had a lot of set dressing it to look like a real forest path!

All assets are from Quixel.

Sci-fi Room:

This was the first and biggest project, taking up  a whole semester of work. This was an introduction to Unreal Engine, Lumen, modularity and shaders. We worked in a small group and could share assets with each other. Everything in this level is self made apart from the plants (from Quixel), stairs, plant container and pipe turning wheel (made by other students).

Overall I had a great year of learning new techniques and dipping my feet into real-time environments with hopefully many more years to come. The next step is making more personal projects and learning how to work with Unreal Engine 5.2's new awesome environment tools. I hope you enjoyed seeing my work! 

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