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Gahb 3D Showcase

Gahb 3D Showcase

by Gahbster on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Howdy, I'm Gabe and this is a showcase of some work I made at gnomon. I'm a fan of stylized art and enjoy mixing stylization with a moody atmosphere.

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The first environment I'd like to show off is this cool sci-fi subway entrance hallway. The original concept is from Ilya Galayda

This piece is full of interesting dichotomies. I had to find the right balance between realism and stylization, create the right mix of bright colorful lights vs the darker shadows, the natural sunlight vs the artificial ceiling lights, the retro aesthetic of the arcades vs the semi sci-fi futuristic feel of the overall scene. It was challenging but rewarding making this scene. 

In order to push the stylized look I rotated a bunch of assets to look slightly off and cartoony, The tiles were rotated in substance designer, the pipes zigzag, the meshes of various props are deformed so that some lines aren't straight, even the camera is slightly rotated on its side

I'd say main focal points of this environment are the arcade machines. At gnomon some friends were kind enough to give me some projects they made to be used as the attract screen. I give the videos a pixelated overlay in premiere, and then gave them a green emissive boost in unreal. The video in the arcade machine furthest away are simple attacks I made in an animation class at gnomon. The vending machine LED message was made in after effects. I had to be careful with the lights emitting from the arcade and vending machine, this scene has light coming from the outside and two different colored ceiling lights,  having the balance everything and still make it look coherent was a challenge. 

Most of the textures were made in designer. For the wall and floor I made two variations, with one pass being normal tiles and another being broken up tiles with some missing or cracked. I used vertex painting to pick out where the cracks and broken tiles would appear. Then to push the messiness even more I slapped some posters, graffiti and extra grunge on it. All of the graffiti decals is from megascans but I made a few of my own custom decals with the spilled soda drink, dirty footsteps, and a grunge overlay, using simple alphas from designer

Something I realized about myself in this project is that I tend to make alot of iterations, sometimes I need go to through many duds before finding something that works. For example for the middle divider part of the scene I experimented with making it tiled like in the concept art, then steel beam supports, and then finally settling on a concrete slab. The vending machine was also western styled with a keypad on the side before I changed it into the Japanese style vending machine with the buttons underneath the drinks. I left some of the old iterations in the zoo file. 

This Egyptian temple was the first project I made in unreal in the game creation 1 class at Gnomon. It's also the first time I used substance designer for making the tiled floors, the first time I used zbrush for sculpt in details of the pillars, and the first time my files got corrupted before a deadline and pressured me to create back ups more often.  

The various pots were from the unreal marketplace, but I modeled the lamp and created the flame flicker through a simple blueprint

What drew me to this purple forest scene was it's the mysterious mystical atmosphere and its cool purple color pallet. The original concept is from Max Maury-Martineau

The trees, bridge, and shrine, were modeled in Maya first and then brought into Zbrush for further details. All the props were textured in substance painter. Megascans textures were used for the ground. The leaves from the bushes and trees were edited from an unreal marketplace foliage pack. Vertex painting was used to add moss onto the various meshes.

In addition to my environments I made this stylized tiger warrior.

I just really enjoyed how charming this chunky tiger looked while carrying a big sword. The goal was to make a real-time character, and give him modular clothing, I saw the cloth-less Tiger as like a level 1 base character and then levels up to level 3 with the cape or maybe he buys it at a clothing shop. The original concept is from Guang Chen

I sculpted the tiger, the props like the leather pad, and rope in zbrush. The hardsurface stuff like the coin with the square hole and sword were modeled mostly in Maya. The inner  robes were made in marvelous designer, to get the hakama samurai look of the lower half, the pleat function was helpful. 

After sculpting in Zbrush, I used Yeti in Maya to give this dude some fur. I made some masks in painter to have more control over specific parts of the fur around his body. Something notable about the concept art was that the spike clumps on the tigers arm goes inwards, while in real life tigers and most animals fur goes outward. I decided to follow the concept art as the spike clumps have a distinct silhouette that I thought would be lost  or look weird if I groomed the fur the realistic way.

I ended up having to create a texture for the tiger body three times, one for the skin, another for the fur that the hair strands will connect to, and the third for the masking in maya.

And that's all I have for now thanks for looking over my work

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