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Orc Invasion

Orc Invasion

Ernest Goh Sze Han
by Ernest Goh and ernestgoh on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A fantasy endless tower defense AR game developed by a student from MAGES Institute of Excellence

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Orc Invasion

Orc Invasion is a fantasy AR tower defense game where players have to defend against endless waves of enemies. Players will have access to 3 different types of weapons: crossbow, magic, and gunpowder weapons. Survive as long as you can before the enemies destroy your tower!

Core Mechanics

- Use your crossbow, cannon & Gatling gun to destroy the enemies

- Faceoff against a variety of enemies ranging from the puny orc to the mighty golem

- Cast spells such as force field, slow & poison.

- Survive as long as you can & try to beat your time

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