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The Last of London - Piccadilly Circus

The Last of London - Piccadilly Circus

This was a 12 weeks long group project made by 10 students at Escape Studios. The environment in inspired by The Last of US but based in London. We decided to recreate one of the most iconic places in London: Piccadilly Circus.

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We were challenged to create a DLC game level for “The Last of Us 2” set in London, 20 years after the outbreak. The environment had to be enclosed and based on exploration.
The treatment was key, the style and quality had to replicate the realistic tone from The Last of Us, using the PBR workflow.
The environment had to also include a transition from interior to exterior, a hero asset, a vista looking out to a large environment which was not accessible, triggerable events and interesting level design.

Main Roles

Fabrizio Bergamo — Lead Artist
Erin Louise Harrison — Producer
Catarina Da Silva — Lighting Artist
Haydn Roff — Technical and FX Artist
Hattie Parris — Level Designer and Prop Artist
Shanna Rodriguez Ortiz — Prop Artist
Cameron Tempest-Hay — Prop Artist
Adrian Cluskey — Environment Artist
Makeiba Sealy-Palmer — Environment Artist
Daniel Hackman — Environment Artist



The initial spread began in London, specifically the underground, where a mix of sick tourists and civilians infected the commuting populace. The first act of the military under martial law was to seal the underground stations. Most of the UK falls under martial law.


After ten years under the control of the military with no advances to restore the country and soldiers abusing the rationing system, a violent extremist group, known as the Reapers, have sprouted. Beginning as civilian revolts within the quarantine zones, they have managed to take control of large parts of London. They routinely attack the military’s zones in effort to commandeer more of London, and the UK. The majority of the Reapers live within East London.


Our player is looking to hunt down the community of cured civilians and scientists, scouting out Piccadilly Circus. They find themselves in a rare part of neutral territory, sandwiched between areas of the two factions. The surface seems mostly claimed by nature, untouched by the infection. Could there be survivors in the underground, or something more sinister?



Military Area

Main Square

Piccadilly Lights

Rebel Faction Barrier

Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain


Technical Art

Tech document

Art Bible

During pre-production, we made an Art Bible that the team could use to understand the art direction and visual ambitions of the project. This document was constantly updated, adapting to changes and new directions set during production.

Mood Images



Square Area




Military Area




Progression and Breakdown



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