Concept Art - Collection 2022 - 2023

Concept Art - Collection 2022 - 2023

by MatthewKok on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Greetings, everyone! These are my projects for my past 2 years at The One Academy, and I'm really excited to share them here! I hope those who view these projects enjoys them as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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May A Tale Be Spun is a team project I did with three other classmates. In this project, we get to create designs for a world surrounding a story that is full of adventure, mystery as well as two brothers, who will do all it takes to save the princess. However, the princess isn't exactly what she seems.


The older brother of the duo, someone who is cautious and have a very high sense of self-preservation. As someone who prioritizes his brother's safety and his own, I wanted to make sure his armor was enough to protect and shield. I thought of mobility as well, as moving fast is important for rescue and protection!


Alvaro's main weapon of choice and his own personal invention, being able to extend to defend against spread attacks like fire and acid! It was amazing fun to figure out how the shield could extend itself, like a fan? Or perhaps a flower? The ideas are extremely exciting to think about!


Based on a mythological creature called Cirein Croin, a large sea serpent that can lure its prey in by disguising itself as a small silverfish! With that idea inspired, I figure that this blood lake monster that I create could be just a small pointy fish that groups up into a larger swarm. With its top being red, it blends in well with the blood lake it's in. 


While the brothers are strong adventurers who can kill monsters twice their size, Alvaro's heart lies in tinkering and inventing new equipment and gears! The forge is their workshop as well as their home, and no matter where they travel, this place would always feel just right. 


The brothers had to go through a lot before reaching the princess, trekking through the dark creepy forest, fighting hordes of monsters that overwhelms them in numbers, and even...certain tragedies. Capturing the action and feelings that the story itself generates is amazing, and with the help of lecturer, a glimpse of the story could peek through! I also get to do a poster which I had been wanting to do for awhile, so I was elated to work on this character poster to capture the Alvaro's emotions and tenacity!

THE NUTCRACKER nussknacker

Based on a fairy tale story called The Nutcracker And The Mouse King, we get to redesign the story and characters to our liking! It was a joy to reimagined what the characters would look like, and it was quite tough yet simple as there weren't many references to look for, but it gave me some space to think of something original and fresh!


The character from the original story is mysterious, magical and a toymaker who makes toys that come to life. I wanted to focus more on his theatrical and dramatic side, where his showmanship shines through dancing and confidence! Creating his attire is fun with his suit, tie and coat of impressive style!


The Mouse King from the story is three-headed large rat, who can win against the main character 1 on 1. When I heard of this and with my lecturer's input, I decided to make Atte small but to show that he is a nimble and quick for fighting, with his great swordsmanship! 


The Toy Castle is a magical toy given by Drosselmeyer, bringing its residents to life with wonder and theatrics. It only happens at night and most iterations of the castle are shown to be an actual castle in a magical land. I wanted to show more of its toy state, a toy castle placed along with other wondrous presents of different shapes and sizes!


This is a final year project I get to do, about a world divided by four main realms and countless more. The one who governs and records the realms history and stories is an archivist, but even then, the realms would soon be facing trouble that even she could not be prepared for. I envisioned this to be a 2d adventure RPG game, to roam the lands and discover stories within its realms. And to create some characters from it is something I enjoyed doing!


The archivist herself, is a serious person, someone who only cares for her job and not her life. Her garbs are inspired by Slavic culture, and I made sure she always carries a lot of scrolls filled with those stories and knowledge around. Then, I thought to myself, how would she carry all of them easier? I figured a huge scroll holder similar to a gourd, would be able to do the trick!


When something went wrong with the realms, beings of the realms are starting to become corrupt with one another as they are not meant to be mixed. Zamok was one of them as he was corrupted by the machinery of another world, becoming mindless. I wanted to make him an imposing boss of the game, inspired by Veles, a Slavic god who wields a spear. Deciding how the corruption looks like without making it complicated is a challenge, but with the help from lecturers, I was quite satisfied with the final result!


A fellow being who was corrupted by the same machinery and became mindless. For this one, I don't plan on menacing but rather innocent. She was merely a bird-like child, innocent and sweet before the corruption. Even then, she still packs a punch if one isn't careful. 


Another project I got to work on is Encore, a story about a villainous bard who wants to harmonize the world and stop wars through hypnotizing everyone with his music. Being from a more technologically advanced kingdom, it was only a moment of time before he succeeds. 

At first, I wanted to make him a menacing general bard, someone who commands fear in others. However, with his music, he wouldn't need to. Even as a villain who is conquering the world, he much prefers the look and charm of rogue bard. 

As the sister who follows her brother, she dons the same gear and wear. Her wear is much thicker and mysterious, however, preferring to remain in the background, unseen.  

The bard's music affect animals as well, so I wanted to make some creatures be invulnerable to sound. Armadillos can hear, however, not very well, which served as an inspiration to the creature. Salamanders, on the other hand, can hear well, but only certain frequencies which should keep them out of range of the bard. 

This tram was created by the bard, where even a magical kingdom without great technology would have all of these around for his purpose. 

The bard's guitar is mighty futuristic for its time, being far ahead of others which allows his reign. 

I wanted to create a library as a bard would still love poetry, books, stories and songs despite being a villain. 


I got to work on some environment art with the help of lecturers, which provides for a great experience!

And you've reached the end! I just want to thank all the lecturers and classmates who helped throughout these few years, in developing art skills and discipline. I hoped to be able to grow more as an artist and to see where my journey goes!

And to you, the viewer, thank you for stopping by! 

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