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Gather ye Rosebuds

Gather ye Rosebuds

Wong Kahzhuan (Kz)
by kahzhuan on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello! I am Kahzhuan, below are some of the projects and various works I had the opportunity to create and work on while on my journey as a student. Please do leave some feedback and critiques at the end!

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C Y C L O P E S 

"C Y C L O P E S" is an IP that I developed to learn about how designs can be used to supplement storytelling while learning and exploring various tools to achieve that goal. 3D has been an immense help and fun while working on this project and I would imagine some 3D models that i created would be able to be reused or brought further by colleagues in both 2D and 3D departments. 

The story "C Y C L O P E S" is set in a not so distant future where an invading species has landed and plant its root in the Russian Arctic to mine for it's rich mineral deposit. The unified military has to strategize how to approach and eradicate these mindless parasites. 

It is named "C Y C L O P E S" because of it's inspiration from The Greek Myth of Odysseus and the Cyclops from Homers Odyssey. The story of how Odysseus and his men defeated Polyphemus the giant cyclops on a beautiful island using their wits and tactics has greatly motivated me to create a story akin to their bravery.

4 9 

"4 9" is an homage to the 1849 California Gold Rush but set in a deserted future, 2049, where resources around the world is dwindling. The story begins with 2 siblings traversing across the barren american desert to search for the legendary gold mine. 

E X P L O R A T I O N 

Exploration of themes, techniques, ideas and tools is a personal satisfaction to me. Inspirations and experiences such as museum visits, jungle hikes and novels has fueled me to create various explorations of design and illustrations to visualize my experiences. 

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