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Joshua Lewis | Mechanical to Motion

Joshua Lewis | Mechanical to Motion

Joshua Lewis
by Joshuaa on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello, welcome to my journey from an artist that was passionate about modeling, into an artist that obsesses over movement in animation. Through my first 7/12 terms at Gnomon I have began to understand where my interests truly lie and I hope that is conveyed as you scroll. Enjoy & Thank You!

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Parked - Responsible for all aspects of the image above, loved this project because it took me out of my comfort zone of trying to make environments and a realistic look.

This is my car ripping through the streets in Brooklyn late at night, the buildings were supplied by KitBash3D for the Pwnisher Car Render Challenge were I competed amongst 4,280 other amazing artists from around the world. We were given the prompt of a 5 second clip conveying some sort of motorized vehicle driving along.

Here is my first attempt at using substance painter fully. The model of the gun is modelled by me in Maya, textured in substance painter, rendered in V-ray.

Original Concept: Woo Kim

From here you will be crossing the line where my interests have shifted into the realm of character animation. 

 Here you will see some of my work from the first half of my time in the Character Animation 2 class.

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for looking, both characters are not my own and were provided by my instructors at Gnomon.

Couldn't resist a little goodbye.. Here is an assignment I had for a Lighting class taught by Fred Durand, as models were supplied to our class except Bugs Bunny which is a rig created by Agora.Community. I was responsible for the lighting, posing, and compositing.

Come connect with me, would love to interact with other aspiring artists!




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