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Environment Art Collection 2023

Environment Art Collection 2023

by suzannakwidzinska on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

With close to no 3D experience I got myself a spot at PlaygroundSquad, and it is a pleasure to share my progress through almost all of the first year!

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Environment - Sungazing Kitty

My first portfolio project! I was so excited to make this piece from my own concept inspired by environments and compositions from Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Horsez: Ranch Rescue, with a stylized touch to it.

Prop & Presentation - The Thieves' Table

During a two week project at PlaygroundSquad I was assigned to work on a prop and it's presentation. I made the vanity table and the mask, but setting up the scene was the best part!

Environment & Props - Monster Wash, Game Project 2

Game Project 2 was a challenge! Together with my team and classmates we had the privilege to be the first students to make games for PSVR2 and showcase it for Sony! This is my contribution to Monster Wash!

Environment & Props - Full Moon Fears, Game Project 1 (Available on Itch.io!)

First game project was an awesome and super fun experience! During this time I really wanted to learn more about animating, although after this project I decided to lay it aside - for now ;)

Environment & Animation - Group Project at PlaygroundSquad

Here I got to work with two different artists on whatever we wanted. This was what we accomplished!

Thank you so much for viewing my submission!

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