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The Rookie Awards 2019

The Rookie Awards 2019

Jeffery Lawson
by Andrew Eisenhower, Carlos Latimar, Haley Bowers, Rachel Zuckerman, and jefferyldesign on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a collection of the best work in my 2019 portfolio as an Art Director, Motion Designer and Animator.

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In the face of rising government oppression in the modern age and the bitterly bleak dystopia that is modern America. The one symbol of hope emerges from the dark basement of the city. Tonights last few minutes will be spent playing the one band the American fascists don’t want you to hear.  

Paypal “PEOPLE FIRST” commercial


PayPal is making accepting payments more flexible and more convenient as each day goes by. By taking the time to place “People First” with the introduction of their new card reader, it allows them to focus on what really matters “PEOPLE.” 

Sketch Logo Animation


Sketch is a vector-based design tool for Mac with a focus on screen design. It’s used primarily by screen designers who create websites, icons, and user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices. 

Natgeo “ADVENTURE” Logo Animation


The young mind is a wonderful universe filled with curiosity and fantasy. It seeks magic and wonder and finds voyages to escape to in the strangest of faraway lands where adventures are only the beginning to new discoveries. 



Silly Street makes award-winning Character Builder games & toys & wares that help kids develop character skills like grit, curiosity, empathy & creativity. With our heads in the clouds and our hearts on our sleeves we are able to share our special talents with the world.

Nick " Little Monsters" Brand Package


It is a small world that we inhabit, that is made more gigantic by the creations we dream up the monsters, the creatures, the little shapes and objects we encounter during the day in school or at home, and they are an extension of the places we inhabit.  

Fuggler Sighting 101


What goes bump in the night and but will warm your soul? Well, a Fuggler of course. The night is where they hide and under the smelly cans of stench they live. For the longest time, the world has known nothing of these disgusting furry creatures literally until now. 

Nick Kids Choice Show Package

Think of a world within worlds where things are created and born from imagination. Where the ideas that are made come to life and live on set.

School of Motion Holiday Animations

Every year School of Motion alumni from around the world join together to create an epic motion design holiday card

Greenpeace Abstract Nature Styleframes


Deforestation is often defined as the cutting down and removal of all trees within a forest area. This often causes strong reactions from the climate around the globe. The alterations of the earth can cause spatial and temporal patterns within the earth. By studying the facts of why Deforestation plays a crucial role in the destruction of our planet we can take a step in the right direction and undo the damage to our home.

Winnie The Pooh The Great Adventure


As adults, we see Pooh who is a just a wonderfully lovable silly old bear who will do anything for honey and usually winds up getting in trouble. His stories offer beautiful lessons of friendship and of getting lost. These stories often show us that adventuress and friendships are built on love, and nobody reminds us better than this lovable little bear.

Cartoon Network " Underwater Adventure"


Imagine going on a grand adventure and diving into the mysterious deep. Think of a place filled with bubbles and buried treasure.

Marie Antoinette Title Design

Title sequence focusing on the empowerment by one young woman who dared to defy all that was placed before her.

Various Unused  Styleframes 

Below you will find morsels of upcoming or style frames that have been created.

Thank You kindly dearest friends!!!!

I hope you enjoyed taking the time to view the above work and I hope you enjoyed it. If you are interested in learning about each project in depth please visit my website

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