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My Artist Journey

My Artist Journey

Siti Balqis Abdul Rahman
by balqisrahman on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hi, my name is Balqis Rahman. Here are the artworks I have done during my studies at The One Academy.

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This is my  first IP I created during my 3rd year in college.

This story is about the Viking of the Beastman Clan lived peacefully in their home of highlands until evil rises from the Cave from Devils unsealed by the Ancestors' greatest foe. Without hesitant, the patriarch chose the strongest warriors to send out to defeat the evil beings.

Next, for this project I was assigned to recreate an existing story in cartoon style. This story is based on Russian fairy tale.

These are my first time creating environment matte paintings. I usually not familiar with environmental drawing, but after I learned matte painting technique, I immediately fell in love with it.

I have always admired Pokemon series since before kindergarten. During high school times, I had an idea to create my own Pokemon by imitating their official artwork style; pretend it as I am working for Pokemon company. As I gained skills in college, I wanted to see my creations in a professional and realistic style. I am very happy with the outcome.

Nova Gator type original Pokemon, based on spicy chili and reptile.

Basic 3D model of Nagamodile for class assignment.

Old designs of Nova Gators I drew in Ken Sugimori style back in 2012.

The Jetrays, based on an eagle ray and jet aircraft.

Some more old designs of Jetrays back in 2012

Finally the Mystic Foxes, based on a peafowl and fox.

Old designs back in 2012

As my journey studying at college ended, I wanted to enhance my skills that I love to do the most; creating monsters. These are the artworks I have done so far.

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