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Enrique Cedeño
by arqcedeno on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A small house designed by me, to reconnect with the world of architecture and the Archviz

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MC House. Own architectural design...

Inspired by contemporary architecture, it combines traditional elements with modern touches. From the outside, its exposed brick structure can be appreciated, with black metallic details that contrast with the earthy color of the main material. The sloping roof of red clay tiles gives it a classic touch, but the large glass windows give it a modern feel and allow you to enjoy the panoramic views.

Upon entering the house, there is a large hall that connects the private area with a spacious living room integrated with the kitchen and dining room, creating a cozy and open environment to receive family and friends. The kitchen has a white marble central island and wooden details that bring warmth and elegance to the space. The furniture is simple and minimalist, but with details that stand out, such as the wooden pendant lamps and black supports that illuminate the space.

for this project I used 3ds Max + Corona + Photoshop

After being forced to emigrate from my country, and having worked for 7 years in other types of things, I am very happy to meet the world of Architecture and the architectural visualization industry again, which is what I really love. . start over and follow a great path of learning, is what remains to be lived.

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