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My process

My process

Nahuel Murakoshi
by NahuelMurakoshi on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! My name is Nahuel Murakoshi, I am 24 years old. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am going to share my process of my journey in this incredible world with Butic The New School.

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I have never had clear what I wanted to be when I grew up, in 2019 I started my architecture degree at the University of Buenos Aires. During this process I loved drawing, making models, generating and representing ideas, but after the pandemic I found myself very unmotivated.

Thinking and researching according to my interests, I got to know the 3D world, renderings and architectural visualization. Which is an area that mixes both parts of what I like, art and technology. I have never imagined that there were so many specific studios neither schools working on it, so I started looking for a place where I could learn these skills and this is how I introduced myself to Butic The New School.

Starting a master's degree abroad wasn’t an easy decision to make, especially in the financial aspect, but with my savings and thanks to my parents help, I made the decision and it was really worth it.

I will show you the projects that I did in this year and a half in the Master with the school.

This is just the beginning, I hope you like it!

Instagram: @muravisual


This was my first Unreal Engine 5 project with baked lighting.

For this project I wanted to focus on understanding  the workflow in UE5 and external programs seen, such as Substance Painter, where I did the retopology of some props and texturing them, and After Effects to edit the video.

I think that my quality and realism were not what I expected, but it was part of the process and I am proud to see and correct my mistakes.

7x17 House - BHA Studio

This project is an interactive architecture tour made with UE5 with lumen, as it is in real time, I was able to produce various renders and cinematics for the presentation of the project.

I focus on practicing and developing my blueprints with the bases seen. I Try to generate as many interactive variables as we can be given in an architecture project, which was a big challenge.


With this project my intention was to practice composition and lighting, but also to get to know another well-known rendering tool in archviz as Corona Renderer.

From here, I am going to present the projects that I did in the first part of the master with Butic!

Jesolo Lido House

As a first practice we made the 3ds max model of the Jesolo Lido house by JM architects, where we learned the basic modeling tools and made the first renders with v-ray. I think that the quality of my images have improved a lot since my first render after a lot of practice. I am very happy with my progress and improvements.

Japanese restaurant - Senses

For this practice we make an image that reminds us some sense so I decided to design and make a japanese restaurant that generates that memory of flavors and smells. In the first instance, by not using references of what I wanted, I didn’t get the expected results, so I went back to do them with a more personal style. I think that this search for references enhanced the proposal that I wanted.

Modeling objects practice with 3ds max and Vray

Image - Text

To spark a little more creativity I did this interesting practice where I made this render from a text called "It all goes back in the box" by John Ortberg. I also put into practice the atmospheric effects for sun light and Forest Pack for the carpet.

I recommend reading or listening to this text that inspired me to understand the image. (spanish)

Cliff House - Fran Silvestre

In this module we learned how to use Forest Pack so I decided to put all its parameters into practice by designing a new terrain for the house with a peculiar atmosphere.

Faculty of architecture

As a personal practice and for another challenge, I decided to remake this design that we made with a friend for the Architecture University.

I had the render done in lumion but I wanted to check my knowledge with vray so I recreated everything again.

Modeling 兜 (kabuto)

For this practice I wanted to make an object that challenges me more than an archviz furniture, so I decided to go for something Japanese as my roots ask me. I hope you like this samurai helmet

If you like my content you can follow me on instagram: @muravisual 

I am currently practicing making projects in Virtual Reality with Unreal Engine, it is amazing. I hope to have news for you soon!

Thanks for watching until the end, and many thanks to my teachers and colleagues at Butic the New School for the support! :)

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