Carlos Adrian Ali Balarezo
by mamind98 on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi everyone! I'm Carlos Ali, I'm 24, and this year I started a master's degree in 3d modeling at lightbox academy. In this post I will present a selection of my work done this year. I hope you enjoy it!

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"La llamada" veo robots project

This was a class project, I tried to recreate a robot in a special environment, a traveler´s room. The robot was inspired by Matt Dixon concept art.


Concept art by Matt Dixon

Blocking Scene

It is the first time that I work with such a detailed environment, there were intense days, things that worked and others that did not.

Principal Props

Full Shot


Some renders from another views. I really enjoy make this.

Final video composition

I tried to recreate a mobile record simulation in maya.

Compositing in DavinciResolve.


Just a simple flowers, but very special for me. These flowers mean a great advance for me, these flowers were made 100% by me.  I tried to use the Maya tools that I learned in class in another way.


Weeks before starting the master´s degree in 3D modeling, I was working on this weapon, FN SCAR, it took a month of work, these days I tried to apply other types of lights and cameras with everything I learned.

The initial work was done in blender.

Some references

These renders were done with Arnold.

I would like to end with a sentence from my teacher, but first, I want to thank you for coming this far, I hope you enjoyed it a lot.

 "Suffering is temporary, but art is eternal" Alberto Cano

“El sufrimiento es temporal, pero el arte es eterno” Alberto Cano

Thank you so much!!

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