Disconnect to connect as a therapy

Disconnect to connect as a therapy

Celia Vázquez
by Celiavzh on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I'd like to present to you all these proyects that have to do with my entry`s name, since they have helped me to disconnect from daily routine and at the same time have served as a connection to the things I like the most: architectural and interior visualization.

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                                     Natural, neutral tones

Own design that recreates a home, a lifestyle, a harmony, a place that only needs to imagine a sweet sound and feel the smell of wood to find calm.

The Project is based on creating a living room and dining room, wich leads us directly to the idea of tranquility, which evokes positive sensations such as calm and well-being.

All this is achieved with materials, color and lighting.

Very natural materials and element, very relaxing tones and calm lighting.

                                   Chashitsu, tea house

Since I consider japanese culture to be very interesting and attractive for its values and social behaviors, I wanted to represent a typical traditional Japanese house where the tea ceremony takes place.

From the middle of the 15th century, houses began to have more sophisticated rooms, keeping with aesthetic evolution and advances in carpentry techniques. The housing style called sukiya reflects the term suki, the taste for refinement. In addition, the growing popularity of the tea ceremony culture, which seeks beauty in simplicity, as opposed to luxury and ostentation, provided the context for the creation of tea rooms, which can be considered the epitome of japanese minimalism.

                                         The villa, bathed in sun

This project arises as there is more and more interest in health, healthy food, disconnection trips...

Society's lifestyle leads many people to experience stress and other problems that affect their emotional well-being.

Today society is very busy, you have little free time, and work leaves you close to no time to enjoy yourself/life .

As I mentioned before, this is how the name and this type of project of my entry arises.

It represents a place to disconnect and dedicate time to yourself while you can enjoy the moment.

A project whose function is to transmit a Villa through images that generate calm and tranquility. Let it lead us to imagine ourselves in this place while we see the scenes in order to feel relaxed while  observing them.

                                                   Villa entrance

This villa is a place where we can tune in to the positive energy present in all things.

                                                   Villa bedroom

The scene represents the bedroom of a villa.

Warm soft sunny tones falling on the room. Some elements function as small contrasting notes.

The fresh, clean air fills your lungs and the natural beauty that surrounds you makes you feel alive and connected to nature. You realize that you have found a special place, a place where you can disconnect from the world and connect with yourself, where you can renew your energy and find inner peace. This place draws you like a magnet and invites you to stay and exploit, to enjoy all it has to offer.

I am happy to have managed to transmit through my images relaxation, tranquility, happiness.

All these images and projects have been a way of disconnection for me while connecting with myself, learning and enjoying life.

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