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Material and Environment Art

Material and Environment Art

Jordyn Lukomski
by jordynlukomski on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Materials and prop pieces made for environments. All the work shown was done by me and these were individual projects.

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A Caramel Apple Generator. I love autumn and tasty treats! This generator has 3 different apple types, 7 different dips, 4 different toppings (and 3 different sprinkle types). Creating in Substance Designer and rendered in Marmoset. 

Alphonse Mucha inspired tiles from his Topaz piece. I adapted the background to be floor tiles. I loved the patterns and coloring. Created in Substance Designer and rendered in Marmoset. 

A piece I completed with during my mentorship with Josh Lynch and The Mentor Coalition. This was taken from the East Gate ceiling at the Summer Palace in China (photo taken during my study abroad). The ceiling was not as damaged as in some other researched images as it had been recently repainted and renovated when I visited. 

Different bricks I created for a Cyberpunk alley piece. There is painted, worn painted, regular brick, and semi sloppy brick. Rendered in Marmoset and Unreal Engine with a master materials that utilizes parallax occlusion and vertex painting. 

A prop piece I completed for the Shogun Challenge on ArtStation. Based on the concept by Selina Zunino I created 3 base materials in Substance Designer: Stained Cherry Wood, Patterned Satin, and Paint (created with a flat grey color but then turn purple for the render). I then used these in Substance Painter to texture the prop. This is a slightly used makeup set as the satin has makeup power stains, the bowl has some dried makeup splatter, and the box has a few scratches.

A cave bandit bar created for the Wild West Challenge. I used wood trim sheets for most of the wood props and three master materials: a decal master, a prop masters, and a rock wall master that utilized parallax occlusion. 

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