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Let's Move On

Let's Move On

by lulucie on 27 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Final project of my 2nd year at ARIES school.

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Let's Move On _ 2nd year school project

When I was a child, my biggest dream was to fly, so I wanted to be a pilot and fly all day long. But one day, I realised I suffered from vertigo. So I had to give up this dream.

At the time, I spent a lot of time in the water.

Seagull symbolized childhood, water represent adulthood. Today, a young woman afraid of heights seeks refuge in the water, trying to reconnect with the little girl she once was.

She has a desire of not growing up, stay a child, carefree and far from adult’s problems and responsibilities.

There’s a contrast between the fear of heights, seeking refuge in the water; and fear of growing up, seeking refuge in her childhood. That looks like she’s completely lost.

She would like to revitalize her old desire of flying. Firstly for keep this childish part and never completely growing up, and secondly to let her take her flight and accept to be an adult. But for now she’s just lost, drowned by adulthood, because it’s where she has to be, where everybody has to be.

It was my final project of my second year in the school Aries. We had to make a turntable of a character, vehicle or an environment [in-va-yer-ment]. I'm gonna talk about the story very quickly, and I can tell you more later, if you want to.

It's not a fictional story, about an imaginary character, but it's more about me, it's quite autobiographical. Basically, it represents the conflict I had between my "past me" and my "future me", and all the decisions I have to make to grow up.

I was inspired by a lot of artworks, in particular by Miho Hirano's oil paintings. 

For the making of the character, the sculpt and textures are made in Zbrush, and rendered with Renderman in Maya, I only used these 2 softwares for that project.

I think this is the project I'm the most proud of, even if some points could be improved. It was printed on a big banner for the school advertising, to show student's works at study fair.

What I could improve is hair, I'd like to make it with Xgen, but did'nt learnt the software when I was making.

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