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ThunderSpearFX - UE5

ThunderSpearFX - UE5

Maxime Morin
by MaximeMORIN on 24 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This is my very first Visual Effect ! It was made on Unreal for the FX lesson at New3dge. I recently came back on it to improve the impact and the rythm, especially with the PostProcess and some refract effect. It gives a better feeling about how this attack affect the world.

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ThunderSpear FX with the PostProcess in Timeline

Same FX but without the PostProcess

The Concept done at first


It start by remaining energy, then there's a storm that follows the light spear to finally explode on the target and blow in several part


The shield is up just before the electric strike and then absorb the energy received

Some steps

The timeline for the PostProcess


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