Omar Grande Reel 2023

Omar Grande Reel 2023

Omar Grande Pozo
by OmarGrandeVFX on 24 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

VFX and Compositing reel created with personal projects and works done in Animum Creativity Advanced School.

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Hi everyone! =) I want to share with you my submission for the rookies contest with this reel i've created using some personal projects mixed with another projects made with Animum Creativity Advanced School.

This year I have learned how to use houdini in a more comfortable way, internalizing the concepts of each discipline such as pyro, flips and rbd, and how to work compositing shoots in Nuke.

In the river project i used Houdini to create the bed river, using scatter node to populate it with rocks with randomized scale. With this created asset i did the flip simulation and the whitewater simulation.

With this work done, I exported the simulations as alembics, to create the scene in Cinema 4d.

Later i used the forester plugin  to put some plants on the terrain and also a trunk asset from Bridge.

The last step was rendering this scene on Redshift.

About the logo project:

I created a contagion effect using the Sop Solver on Houdini for later rasterize the points density in order to follow the animation created before. 

In this case I used the Axiom Solver.

Character: "Oni Samurai" by willpowaproject from Sketchfab.

Asset: "Torii Gate With Vines" by Nicholas-3D from Skecthfab.

In the Oni project I used a particle simulation advected by a volume field. Using the cam vector to get the cross product between the geometry and the point of view from the camera. With that work done, I created an animated noise from which the particles were emitted.

As a detail, i changed the hair of the character using the grooming tool and with the use of VOPS i gave movement to the leaves.

In this last personal project, I used two mixamo characters to create a chase scene.

I focused on creating a dynamic shot where the camera movements and motion blur were the protagonists.

It should be noted that this was my first project in the world of 3d, where I established many of the fundamental pillars when working on full CGI plans.

The knowledge I acquired about lighting with volumetrics, treatment of textures in rendering, creation of AOV's and subsequent composition were key to my personal development.

Thanks for watching! 

We keep improving and embracing the process!

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