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Kyle Brand - Concept Art & Illustration

Kyle Brand - Concept Art & Illustration

Kyle Brand
by kylebrand on 27 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hey, I’m a Student at Flinders and currently take CDW Studio topics as electives. I primarily study art in my spare time and therefore sadly miss much of the important feedback provided by a school. My passion is the process, creative power, learning and fantasy. I hope to incorporate art into my future work.

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I have included character design pieces from CDW assignments, personal Illustrations and my early 3D models.

Character Design

Here are a few brief based character designs from a Flinders/CDW topic with progress sliders. I experimented with different styles, rending and time constraints. Most were painted in Photoshop with occasional photo bashing including one with 3d elements.

Helen of Troy

Brief: Her face was the face that launched a thousand ships. Considered to have been the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen would be seduced by the Trojan prince, Paris and travel to his homeland of Troy. She would leave behind her Spartan Troy. She would leave behind her Spartan homeland and her husband, Menelaus. Enraged, Menelaus would convince his brother, Agamemnon, to set sail for Troy and to retrieve his wife. A war ensued and lasted for ten years.


Brief: Most renowned of the Norse goddesses, Freyja was the god of love, fertility, battle, and death. Pigs were sacred to her, and she rode a boar with golden bristles. A chariot drawn by cats was another of her vehicles, as well as a cloak of falcon feathers that gave her the ability of flight. Freyja travelled through the world seeking a lost husband and weeping tears of gold. This great goddess had many worshippers and numerous temples were built in her honor. The Northern people invoked Freya not only for success in love, prosperity, and increase, but also, at times, for aid and protection.

Genghis Khan

Brief: Mongol leader Genghis Khan (1162-1227) rose from humble beginnings to establish the largest land empire in history. After uniting the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian plateau, he conquered huge chunks of central Asia and China. His descendants expanded the empire even further, advancing to such far-off places as Poland, Vietnam, Syria and Korea. Many people were slaughtered in the course of Genghis Khan's invasions, but he also granted religious freedom to his subjects, abolished torture and encouraged trade.


Brief: Blackbeard also known by Edward teach, was one of history's most notorious pirates. It was said that Blackbeard's appearance alone was enough to cause the enemy to surrender. According to legend, Blackbeard would often tie burning fuses to the end of his beard when the enemy was in his presence. Despite his reputation, there are no accounts of Blackbeard killing or torturing anyone.

Gort - The Day the Earth Stood Still

Brief: Gort is an eight-foot tall, seamless robot constructed from a single piece of "flexible metal". He is but one member of a "race of robots" invented by an interplanetary confederation to protect their citizens against all aggression by destroying any aggressors. Klaatu describes "him" as one of an interstellar police force, holding irrevocable powers to "preserve the peace". Seemingly unarmed, Gort is in fact armed with a laser-like weapon that is projected from beneath a visor on his head. While the weapon can apparently vaporize any physical object, its effect is variable at Gort's discretion, and is precise enough to destroy a single object without harming anything around it. 

Robot - Lost In Space

Brief: Although a machine endowed with superhuman strength and futuristic weaponry, he often displayed human characteristics, such as laughter, sadness, and mockery, as well as singing and playing the guitar. With his major role often being to protect the youngest member of the crew, the Robot's catchphrases were "It does not compute" and "Danger, Will Robinson!", accompanied by flailing his arms. 

Raelynn – Illustration/Character Design based on a friends short story.

Brief: Raelynn is one of a species known as the "Kali", creatures whose job it is to look after and protect the forest in which they live. They are highly connected to nature, and are generally very flighty in nature. I also wanted the eyes to be different from human eyes to convey just that - the fact that she isn't human and is a wild creature. The people in my story don't even entirely know if these creatures exist as they're very shy, to the point where they're kind of revered as gods. Raelynn in particular hunts with a small contingent of other Kali in order to feed her clan mates for that given day. She is a little mischevious, and likes to poke fun at others sometimes. Additionally, when she is angered she tends to lash out a lot, using her antlers as weapons to attempt to gore her enemies.

Illustration & Other Personal Work

Study Samples

Requests, Concepts & Game Design

Fan Art

Fan Art: Darling in the Franxx by A-1 Pictures, Trigger & CloverWorks

Used to try loose fisheye perspective and anime style.

Fan Art: Zoe from League of Legends

Fan Art: Jean Grey – X-Men - displayed at Twitch-Con

Fantasy Brief (CDW Studios)

Nestled next to the edge of the forest Sarah lives with her dad and her 2 cats. She regularly visits her grandma who lives in a wood cabin deep within the forrest. Sarah loves hearing the stories her grandma tells her of the ancient forest and all the creatures that used to live there. She told Sarah about the magical portal she used to visit when she was a child. She tells magical stories of an entrance to a whole new universe that lives beneath the forest. Her memory is fading and she cannot remember where the entrance to the magical forest is located. One day Sarah was chasing her 2 cats. It was time to go home for dinner but the cats were leading Sarah further and further into the forrest. Sarah had seen the gigantic Baobab tree but only from a distance from her house. It was the tallest and oldest tree in the entire forrest. The cats went over towards the tree and then vanished. Sarah went over to find them but couldn’t see them anywhere. Confused she started walking over the roots of the tree and saw a dark opening deep within the base of the tree trunk. She crawled inside brushing cobwebs from her face. As she made he way inside the tree, she slipped and fell. She fell for sometime hitting branches and brushing through leaves on her fall downwards. She landed, dazed and confused. She saw one of her cats, walking off around the corner, she yelled out, but it made no difference they were gone. Everything seemed a bit strange in this new place, she walked around the corned and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It looked like a giant wooded village inside of this old ancient tree. This must be the place grandma told me about thought Sarah. So off she went to explore.

Sci-Fi Brief (CDW Studios)

In 2819, following a 634-year journey in hyperspace, our hero, Franklin awakens to his ship crash landing on an alien planet. The good news is that they have crashed on the planet they were sent to scout as a possible planet for a new colonisation. The bad news is that after further inspection the planet may no longer be viable for colonisation. After some inspection the team come into contact with a hostile alien race that seem to lack intellect. They seem more like an ancient dinosaurs than a smart alien race The world is full of strange structures from an ancient race. The alien land is volcanic with lava mostly dried and cooled, there is still remnants of new hot lava rising from the depths of the planet core. The alien monoliths are fused into the giant rocky areas of the planet, towering over the volcanos of the planet. Inside an alien monolith is a strange technology which suggest that eons ago there was a more intelligent life form on the planet. Our team attempts to use this technology to contact earth. The ship has been damaged and there is no way ‘home’. The team desperately need to find a ‘link’ back to earth to contact a nearby ship for backup.

2d Image rig test

3D Sculpting (VR)

While I am still in the early stages of learning ZBrush, Maya, Substance, Blender and Houdini, here are some speed sculps using VR (MasterpieceVR). While lack of technology in art should never hold someone back, I enjoy exploring new ways to create.

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