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Concept Art / Illustration

Concept Art / Illustration

Nawel Benrhannou
by Nawel on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! Here is a compilation of my work from 2022 to 2023 :D

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Medieval: Back & Forth - Artstation Challenge

Last month I participated for the first time in the annual Artstation Challenge! The theme for this edition was "Medieval Back & Forth". We had to imagine a world where modern and medieval ages coexisted, and how it would affect the inhabitants of these two eras through their designs and personalities.
Here is my entry!

The Line up! We had to create a total of 8 characters: 4 from Medieval age and 4 from Modern age.

Some research that led to the final result. As we were constrained by a deadline, I had to be quick and efficient in my decisions, so I tried to convey the most consistent storytelling with very few iterations.

Soulmates - Character Design 

I wanted to develop a bit more one of my previous projects, "Soulmates", by designing the main protagonist of the story I had in mind. 
Isaac would comes from a small nomadic people, traveling across vast lands of forests and mountains. He is joyful and carefree, dreaming of the day he could go on an adventure of his own, to see all that the world has to offer.

Baby Knight - Star Chaser

Here is a small project about a little boy chasing magical stars! For this exercise, I wanted to do both character and environment design, with a more cartoon approach and a painting rendering to challenge myself. 

Fanart - "Captive Prince" Book

Illustrations based on a book series I really loved, the Captive Prince saga! I created the design from the characters' descriptions.

Fanart - "A Plague Tale Requiem" Video Game 

Inktober 2022 - Naruto "Modern AU"

Last October I have been able to fully participate in the Inktober challenge, and I decided to follow a special prompt list, very close to my heart: A Naruto "Modern Alternative Universe" :D
I selected what I think to be the best frames of the challenge, at least my favorite ones!

And that's it for my entry :D As each year, I think it's a great way to review a tiny part of this long artistic journey and it feels pretty nice to see all the work accomplished so far!
Thank you if you have browsed this post to the end!

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