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Perceptions Of Death

Perceptions Of Death

Will Keirle
by Keirley on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

When sinners die, they go to hell, when good people die they go to heaven. There are multiple realms of hell, each of which represent an emotion, these realms punish the sinners based on their emotional perception of death at the time of their passing. This was a project done for my final year of uni :)

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                                        The Reaper Of Fear

Perceptions of Death - The Reaper of Fear
The idea behind 'Perceptions of Death' Was to design reapers whose designs are based on an emotional perception of death. Of course, the first emotional view on death almost everyone experiences is fear. And so logically I decided to make it the first character I design for this series.

I wanted to really emphasize that this character is meant to be fear, in that, not only does he embody the ability to make those who face him feel unimaginable levels of fear, but I wanted him to be a personified visualization of fear itself.

I had the idea that this character consumes the souls of those who feared death at their moment of passing, and so his belly is full to the brim of tortured souls burdened by their fear for eternity.

Design Notes

For the design, the idea was to create a really beautiful, royal-looking set. The reason for this is that when those who die and end up in fear's realm, they will be forced to look upon him. The rich are reminded that they will never obtain luxury items again for all eternity, and the poor are reminded that they never have, and never will obtain such beauty. Rich or poor, all sinners who land themselves in the realm of those who feared death are treated in equal agony.

For the weapon design, I wanted to do my own take on the classic reaper scythe/rapier. I added the candles on top of the weapons as somewhat of a tribute to one of my favorite artists 'Andres Rios' who is one of my biggest artistic inspirations.

For the Reaper Of Fear's Anatomy, I decided to add four arms for the sake of interesting combat animations. I also think it adds a level of creepiness and a monster-like feel. As stated earlier his big belly is filled with the souls of those who feared death at their moment of passing. And so I decided to add screaming, terrified faces trying to push their way out of his stomach. I did this for the reason I explained before.

For the Reaper Of Fears lighting, I wanted to express his emotions through the light color. I figured that red lighting worked best for expressing his anger. Red also works with the theme of hell that goes with the series lore.

                                                                  Wireframe front/side/back

The Idea behind any front/side/back is vital for 3D modeling from concepts. It allows the modeler to create the character as accurately as possible. However, I also found myself steering away slightly with the build based on my final concept painting, I found that this build better worked towards my vision.

                                    The Reaper Of Sadness

Perceptions of Death- The Reaper Of Sadness

The Reaper of Sadness. She rules the Realm Of Those Who Died Distraught. She dresses in funeral attire at all times since anyone she interacts with in her realm stands no chance. She can summon the souls of the sad and use them to her combat advantage like puppets. However, she does not weep for the dead, she weeps eternally for her own sad existence and pain.

Design Notes

For the Clothing design, I went with the same idea that I had for Fears clothing, In that, her clothes are so beautiful because it's the last thing she wants her enemies to see before they die. She also wears funeral attire at all times because as stated before, all that stand in her presence are more than likely going to die.

For the weapon design, I did not do anything unseen before but I believe this weapon works for the character as it also allows stability to her build, or else she would topple over forward. And by using her many arms to hold candles, she could summon the souls of the sad and weaponize them against her opponents.

For the Reaper Of Sadness Anatomy, I wanted to go a little crazy and make her anatomy very creature/human-like. So I decided to give her a load of arms. Where the arms only play into combat and move set factor rather than having more of a reason to do with her lore, Her permanently arched back, I found, Helped a lot with telling her story and really projecting her sadness.

For the Reaper Of Sadness lighting, I decided to go with a dingy green aesthetic, I thought that this color best represented her sadness, It took lots of experimentation for me to find the right color, and in the end I'm happy with the turnout.

For the Front/Side/Back, I would say this was the one I struggled with the most. Positioning the arms, having them accurately match up at all angles. However, I got it done! It looks good! Another thing I will mention is that the clothing pattern was so complex, that I decided to photo-bash the Albedo texture from the material I made in designer for this character's clothing.

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