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by Yiersan, Ziggylulu, and tomperony on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here is our first short film of approximately 30 seconds. We had 6 weeks with a group of 6 people to make this film with a cynical tone around the theme of television!

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While Linda struggles to sweep the kitchen, her husband John comes home proudly with a gift for his wife. He gives her a vacuum cleaner so she can clean more efficiently and with less backache. Linda, outraged by this tasteless gift, is furious. John does not understand and asks her what she would like more as a woman. Linda answers by energetically taking out of her pocket a leaflet, that she would like to have the TURBODIRT3000.

Here are some lookdev images of the characters Linda and John. The main difficulty was to make hair models that were aesthetically pleasing with the least amount of stretch in the UVs so that the texture strings would follow the movement of the hair perfectly.

Here is the 2D concept of the couple. We wanted John to look like a clean-cut publicist while Linda, despite her condition, would keep the dress codes of the time and the image of the perfect little housewife of the 50s.

We have a few expression designs to show you that illustrate the character of the characters. We liked the idea of Linda being bossy, helpful and temperamental and John being self-centered, smooth-talking and enterprising.

Here's a little rigg demonstration that more or less mirrors the previous 2d expressions. The animators had a hard time animating a pregnant woman, but they finally succeeded!

Here is a look at the concept of the main set. This is Linda's kitchen. We looked at many references to make this room fit the era we wanted to represent. Also, we made sure it matched Linda in terms of colors!

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