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Kevan Goy - Concept Art and Illustrations of 2023

Kevan Goy - Concept Art and Illustrations of 2023

Kevan GOY
by KevanGoy on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi ! Here is the work I've done during my 1st year in the New3dge Concept Art program. It has been an awesome year and I was very lucky to be helped by very talented teachers. I hope you'll enjoy my work !

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Fake Angel

A cult is creating false gods to make their influence undeniable.

The Court

The judge leads the court and rings the gong to mark the start and the end of a trial.

He is so pure that he has no weight.

A sort of Ai was implanted in his brain to help and control his judgment.

The air of the planet is unbreathable for humans. The species have evolved and can now filter the air to survive.

Macaron Shop

A school exercise in which I had to design a macaron shop which is hard to reach.

Icaro and Bloom

A hero was granted the power of his goddess. The power is based on a flower coming from coral trees. Its pointy parts can be compared as thorns.

Desert Adventurers

In a world damaged by the heat, humans suffer an infection that turns them into glass.

A few survivors still have hope for a better future.

Sandstorms can be lethal so the survivors have to track the weather changes.

They use glass to their advantage, and build objects out of the infection. This glass is very unique since it's made partially of human flesh. It is way more resistant than the glass we know.

Star Wars Workshop

Those Keyframes were done during Jama Jurabaev's class. It was fun to work on this iconic universe.

Mood Painting

Personal projects and short school projects

To end my entry I want to thank all my awesome teachers and classmates. They helped me grow so much more than I expected as an artist. I'm happy about this year and I can't wait to see what's coming next in my journey.

Thank you reader for taking the time to look at my work. See you next year !

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