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Charlotte Jennings - Concept Art 2022 - 2023

Charlotte Jennings - Concept Art 2022 - 2023

Charlotte Jennings
by CharlotteLizJ on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello, I'm Charlotte a Concept Artist based in Hertfordshire, UK. Here is my work from my final year at the University of Hertfordshire, alongside some personal pieces. I hope you enjoy my work!

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'Hive' is my final year Concept project at the University of Hertfordshire. The project is based around a dystopian, fantasy three-tiered city system, the ‘Hive’.

Once thriving with pure magic, the city is now controlled by the Main Hive, who are determined to control, manipulate and destroy the other zones, through the production of artificial essence magic. The story follows three individuals who are bound by their hate for the Main Hive. Together, alongside their fellow people, they work against the new nation, to bring back their stolen land and magic.  

Zone 3 - The Deserti Zone 

Zone 3, the Deserti zone, is a vast mining village surrounding the Inner and Main Hive. 

The Mines

Next to the various Deserti villages of Zone 3, are the Zone 3 mines. Here the Deserti people mine artificial essence for the Main Hive.

Essence Caves

Zone 2 - The Inner Hive

Beneath the Main Hive, buried within carved stone walls, is Zone 2, the Inner Hive. Here the people send up the mined essence from Zone 3 up to Zone 1 for final production. All essence is refined and processed through a large extraction system, which can be seen running through the centre of Zone 2.

Hidden Base within Zone 2

Zone 1 - The Main Hive 

Above all is the Main Hive, the heart of the city and the most powerful and controlling of all Zones. Within its walls, the people experiment, abuse and distribute the use of artificial essence. At its centre sits the essence hub, where all processed essence is sent for final checks. 

Zone 1 Ship Concept

Keyframes - Safiya's Story

Safiya’s main story starts from the moment her younger brother is taken for training by Zone 1. Each year the Main Hive take a group of young children from Zone 1 and 2 to train up and work.

Keyframes - The Fall of the Hive

The fall of Hive keyframes show as the exiled take down the Main Hive, in retaliation the Main Hive destroy Zone 3. Here we see Fleur and Noa discuss their next plan of action.

Keyframes - Essence Hub Explosion

Characters and Creatures

Safiya, Noa, Fleur Concepts

Solis Bird Concepts

Speckled Poison Crawler Concept

Alder's Bane - Freelance Games Project

Collection of Personal Work

Special thank you to all my tutors at the University of Hertfordshire for all your help across the past three years and especially for all the amazing feedback and advice on my final graduation project!

Big thank you to the Alder's Bane Team for giving me the opportunity to work on such an amazing and fun project! Be sure to check out their Graduation games project!

Thank you again!

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