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Varun Sharma - Concept Art 2023

Varun Sharma - Concept Art 2023

Varun Sharma
by VarunHanma on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hey! I am Varun Sharma and I'm a Environment artist and a student at New3dge Concept art I am into world building and designing environments. This is a collection of most the work I did at the school during my first year .Thanks for checking it out!

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Shiva's Judgement

A shot a temple in which the god of destruction Shiva passe judgment in people who dare to turn their fate around by gambling on the judgment.

Zombie Fall Shelter

Zombies have overcome the human population by destroying everything that comes in their way, now humans have found refugee in a famous hotel and made in into a outpost. will they be able to hold on?

Middle eastern Candle shop

Fancy some candles in a already hot place?

Jurassic Park inspired keyframe

Hidden Macaron shop

The worlds best macarons are found in a deep topical lush forest in between a rainforest. The location seems hard to reach but it is cozy ,will you embark on the journey? the bakery also has other things like cakes and 5 meter tall macarons.

Stars wars spin off cinematic

A stars wars inspired scene I made during Jama jurabevs workshop at school using unreal engine

Electros Rage

Spiderverse style painting attempt

Mood Exploration paintings

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