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Théotime MEUNIER Demo Reel 2023

Théotime MEUNIER Demo Reel 2023

by theotime on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I am pleased to show you some of my 3D projects done during the two last years, hope you'll like it!

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here is my first personnal project : the pterocrock. I drew a quick concept art of a strange creature, a mix between a crocodile and a bird. I then decided to make it in 3D to work on several aspects. I focused on the sculpting part where I sculpted every scales by hand and tried to bring him to pose.

i sculpted him in zbrush, and then went to maya for a clean topology. for the texture of his skin I mainly used substance painter and zbrush again for the displace.  I used Mari for the texture of the tree. the moss is a mash with planes and presence. 

this idea come from one of my drawing made during concept art class. 

rosalia alpina 

the insect is a project I made one year ago. I was responsible for every aspects. I chose the Rosalia alpina. The main challenge was to make the fuzzy shader on the wings. It was also my first experience with Xgen.

 I used Zbrush for  sculpting the global shape and then Mudbox for the displace and the textures. I then used Renderman for the shading. 


this is my digital self portrait. I worked on it over a few months. I used photogrammetry to have a blocking of my face and I then refined it. I tried to focus on the skin texture and the skin shader. This exercice allowed me to learn a lot more technically about renderman.

I used Mari to create the displace of the skin thanks to xyz textures, it also helped for the speculaire and the bump. I then used photos of my face to make the albedo of the skin and I then did the shader in Renderman. 

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