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Quennehen Lucas | Best of 2023

Quennehen Lucas | Best of 2023

Lucas Quennehen
by lucasqhn on 21 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello everyone! Here are my best works of the year at New3dge! I learned a lot, and I'm happy to share them with you! I really hope you'll enjoy them!! Thank you

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Hi everyone, here is my participation in the Super Hero course we had at New3Dge, supervised by Manon Skowron.

Every part of the modeling was made inside Zbrush, even the UVs, I only used 3dsMax and Vray for lookdev and rendering.

So I chose Superman from Injustice 2, originally made by Jonathan Reilly for Prime 1.

If you like my work make sure to check the original piece as well!

We only had to reproduce the sculpt with polypaint, but I decided that I wanted to push the lookdev further to match as much as I could the reference, trying to match materials and realism of the original creation.

This project 14 BIG days to produce from the first sphere to the last grading, and I learned so much doing it, from Zmodeler and advanced sculpt technics to global chara production.

The first image and some of the close ups were made as a bonus, and I'm pretty happy the way it turned.

Now I feel more confident in the soft I'm super excited to learn news things in the near future.

Thanks for your time!

I like to start by making some rough sketchs to help me find good composition, and make some quick tests instead of going straight to 3D as you can see below 

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