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Windy L-3D Environment Art Collection

Windy L-3D Environment Art Collection

Windy L
by Windy on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I’m a student now studying basic skills for game environment at Think Tank Training Center Online. I find myself have great passion on environment for games, those stories and thoughtful ideas behind a scene always touch me a lot. Here are works demonstrate my skills in modeling, texturing, and real-time environment.

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Ruins in the Water

This is my most recent project using Unreal Engine 5. The entire project period is within four weeks. It's a huge challenge for me but I also learnt a lot and had great fun working with it. This Time I want to focus more on foliage creation, and have some practice on texturing in different situations.

90% of the foliage assets are done inside SpeedTree by myself (I really spent lots of effort on teaching myself this new software by searching tons of tutorials online). I find great fun in foliage creation in such a procedural and non-destructive way. And all the texture of foliage are downloaded from Megascan.

I also experience 2 different methods of texturing props inside UE5. The boat is textured follow the traditional high-to-low baking workflow, and I give myself a try to make the painted broken wood material in Substance Designer, and finished other texture painter work in Substance Painter.

While the ruined machine is textured with blend materials using 4 layers of tillable materials. Three for painted metal and rust, one for the moss on top.

P.S. The Cliff asst and landscape materials are from Quixel Bridge, and foliage textures are downloaded from Megascan. All the other parts are down by myself

Here's the whole process at last.

Motor Carrot

This is my hero prop assignment done for Think Tank Online, intermediate term. 
Concept was inspired by Calum Alexander Watt’s concept The Ranger. It’s a flash of inspiration to combine the sci-fi motorcycle with carrorts.

And here is how it looks inside Unreal Engine. All other assets are downloaded from Quixel Bridge.

Actually this is the second texturing version of my MotorCarrot asset. Although there are still many things I could do better, I'm proud of how much I have improved compared to the previous version. 


This is my Foundations Final Project at Think Tank Training Center, definitely an unforgettable and exciting journey! It was my first time to complete a CG artwork totally from scratch, which is tough but I did learn a lot. Anyway, I really enjoyed the time spending on this project and it was a great proud to see the final result.

I really appreciate this concept created by hanh truong and It looks just so fascinating and amazing! I was deeply attracted by the beautiful lighting and colors, as well as the atmosphere and storytelling behind the art piece. So, I tried my best to maintain these beauties when turning it into 3D.

All the environment is modeled using Maya. The child is sculpted inside Zbrush and retopo in Blender. Textures are all done by using Substance Painter.

Here's the Breakdown:

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