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Syed Ali Bokhari | Character Artist

Syed Ali Bokhari | Character Artist

Syed Ali Raza Bokhari
by SyedAli3dArt on 20 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi my name is Ali! & I am from Pakistan. I am in such awe of characters made in 3D from VFX to games to collectibles I am all about characters, I started 3D 2 years ago and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. I am super passionate about it and cannot wait to learn more!!.

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Jabaar Mudihr "The Guardian of Sand Towers"

This project was done as an inspiration art piece from the concept of Johnny Rampant & Lukas Kutschera. This is a realistic version of the character I named "Jabaar Mudihr "(The Guardian of Sand Towers). The model was sculpted in Zbrush with skin hand painted in substance painter and all the accessories were modelled using MAYA and Zbrush. 

The above process view shows the base mesh wireframe first, then a clay render of that base mesh, then the base with displacement and normal maps applied. At the end the final textured render.

Wireframe Turntable Render

During this project I learned how to hand paint realistic skin textures in substance painter, which was quite challenging as it was my first time. I mostly learned through trial and error that mold brush, dots erased brush and cotton brush work best to create believable skin. I also learned to setup skin shader in MAYA and work with subsurface scattering through scattering maps generated using substance painter 

The above images show the UV's for all the head and body pieces. Since this art work had alot of leather in it so I had to nail down the material and color palette that looked good with the skin tone I had. So I learned and experimented on different leather material colors and settled with this look, as I wanted something aged not worn out completely. 

This was my first project of this scale, I learned so much and look forward to keep pushing myself in every way I can. I would like to thank @Mario ( for the help with layout and all the folks at CG Spectrum for the continuous support.

"Gorgu" The Forest Explorer

This project was created as an inspiration art piece from the concept and guidance of "Pablo Munoz Gomez". The goal was to learn all the tools in zbrush that can be used to create a character portfolio piece.

Beauty shots

This project was all done in zbrush and the compositions were made in photoshop. The goal of this project was to learn zbrush and dive into all the tools it offers to design a character from start to finish. The above compositions were made through the BPR render passes generated in zbrush.

The textures were created in zbrush using polypaint technique. 

This was the blockout phase, where I used primitive shapes in lowest poly count to get the overall shape of the character and each individual parts of the characters

The retopology was done using polygrouping technique in zbrush and then using zremesher with keepgroups option enabled. I also used the zremesher guides reinforce the topology to my need.

This is the final composited image of the polygroups along with the wireframe.

The detailing process was done mostly by manually sculpting the details and then at the end using various alphas to create microdetails for different parts. The surface details for the cloth material was created using surface noise option and UV's for that were done in zbrush

The above are BPR composites created with all the details and using the startup material applied to all parts. The compositions were made in photoshop. I learned how to export out all the needed masks from zbrush, such as main BPR, AO, Mask, Shadow and Color and then combine them in photoshop as it gives you more control over the composition.

The above process view shows how some of the BPR render images were used to create the final composition. Using the mask we can control the individual light setups as well. 

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