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Rabbit Hospital

Rabbit Hospital

Veena kariya
by veenakariya on 19 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This is my recreation of the concept by nezzbe. this was my final project for the foundation term.

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I would love to share my process with this project . It is the final project for foundation term at think tank. This course is where i started my 3d journey and its amazing how much i learned throughout this course in such a short time.

About the project it was four week long so first thing was to create a schedule and work accordingly. for the start had to match the camera which was a task for me and took me a day and i almost got it. then started the blockout stage that i gave a week for and another week for the polishing . I kept bunnies sculpt for week three and took like four days of the week  complete all five bunnies , my main focus was to get them as close as the concept.

All the bunnies were sculpted in mudbox and to match the concept i had to go back and forth to maya and mudbox to get them same proportion. it was fun to sculpt them and their poses. 

last week was all for texturing the bunnies and few other elements that i did in Mari , and all the other objects were done in maya with shaders and look dev. After rendering and being happy with all the details i did little compositing in photoshop to make it even closer as the concept.

To be honest i was scared to start this project but as i went through with it i gained confidence and felt more comfortable with my piece. I had amazing support from my supervisor and my peers. it was amazing to work on this project. Hope you all like it.

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