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VANTA is the result of a four week student game project on the theme symbiosis. Our interpretation of symbiosis is a two player experience where two opposite characters explore a ruined underground together.

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VANTA is a two player co-operative puzzle/exploration game set in a mysterious and unique universe. 

Players play as shadow and light. They are widely different but must depend on each other in order to find a way through the dark world.

Use the contrast of shadow and light in order to solve puzzles and discover a world lost to the dark. Grab a friend and delve into the mysterious shadow realm, can you find the way back to the surface world?

VANTA is available to download and play at

 The game requires at least one controller and keyboard input but using two controllers is recommended. 

The game was made by a team of 15 people over the course of four weeks.

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Designers | Gustav Englund, Hugo Lind, Jonas Moström, Emma Höggren, Kim Romsri

Programmers | Sergei Maltcev, Eddy Grootenboer, Linus Gråhammar, Daniel Broomé, Jesper Lundquist

Artists | Max Niva, Yasmine Lindberger, Elmina Nilsson

Quality Assurance | Christian Oja

ProjectManager | Alexander Jakobsson

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