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My personal journey through ArchViz

My personal journey through ArchViz

Diana Melisa Valero Polasek
by Melisa on 26 Apr 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

These are the results of intensive months of studying of all the aspects that we as ArchViz artists interact with to create realistic images. I had the great fortune of learning besides exceptionally talented professionals at School-ing Madrid. This is a resume of my journey.

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All the presented projects are all experimental, each is focused on an subject area such as natural light, materials and textures. I challenged myself continuously within each project in order to improve my skills and understanding. 

'Casa Comporta 10'

This was my very first project, created during my time studying Architectonical Visualisation. This project was a challenge for me due to my inexperience with materials, lights and the camera settings.

'Canning Street House'

The main goal of this project was to achieve a natural balance with a single source of light using a dome. I selected a simple space where the materials were not very complex, focusing on the contrast between light and the shadows of the image.


In this project I focused on more complex materials. The floor texture was created with the Substance 3D Designer software to create more interesting contrasts between the tiles. I also experimented merging varied materials, textures and the use of decals within the walls to achieve a richer effect.

What attracted me initially to this project was the interaction of the raw materials and points of interest such as the light boxes. I modelled these by breaking down the tree models and then integrating them within the volumes of the boxes thus using the light planes inside of them to create  interesting silhouettes on the blank volumes. Finding the balance between natural light, artificial light, and the reflections where all important parts of the project.

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