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Liz Chua 2023

Liz Chua 2023

Liz Chua
by lizchua3D on 25 Apr 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

✽Hello and welcome to a small collection of artwork I've created over my time so far at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation! I started working in 3D a little over a year ago and am so excited to keep learning. Thanks for checking this page out!

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Charlotte T. Spiller

This piece means a lot to me, as Charlotte is the first character I created in 3D. She's based off of a concept I drew a little while back and I never could have foreseen her getting this far. I started working on her as a small side project to learn skills in zBrush, Mari, Yeti, Renderman, and Marvelous and am so happy with the final result I got.

Balancing the color palette in this piece was definitely one of the more difficult tasks I found when creating Charlotte. I knew I wanted to flood the room with as much pink as I could, which then left figuring out how to breakup the overpowering color. The idea for the face mask was a game changer for me. I threw the texture on as a test just to see if I could add some color variation to the scene and it ended up playing a crucial part in tying the piece together. From the mask to the plant to the rind of her watermelon nails, the green guides your eye in the endless pool of pink.

Scare Bear

This was the final I created for my Props and Weapons for Games course. The idea for the bear is an original concept I drew a little over two years ago in my first class I took at Gnomon. I'm really happy how it turned out and I really enjoyed taking one of my first school pieces into 3D.

The original idea for "Scare Bear" was to have a more stylized bear that was lit by a cracked door opening. The lighting was to highlight a thin section on the bear that seems harmless -- aside from the safety pin which hints towards the darker elements in the scene (literally and figuratively). After I finished matching my concept I felt I could push the horror side of the piece more, so I took a second pass at the textures adding broken up white paint to the base of the bear.

The texture change allowed for a more clown-like feel which instantly gave a creepier, less soft, element to "Scare Bear". Though I personally liked the original textures more, the second pass allowed for a better effect in the final render especially in contrast with the added blood in the last lightning strike.

The Apothecary

The Apothecary was based on an exterior painting concept I found by Megan Wyreweden. The piece showed a cute storefront of an apothecary and I couldn't help but wonder what the interior would look like and had to give it a shot. This was used as my final project for Game Creation 1 at Gnomon. I grew immensely as an artist while working on this piece and was really able to get a feel for how to navigate Unreal Engine and how to set dress a scene.

I wanted the shop to feel magical in a warm, welcoming way. In the video below I added a few lively elements that give the room a mind of its own. Enjoy!

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