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Maeve Mooney

Maeve Mooney

Maeve Mooney
by maevemooney on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of my work from 2018-2019. Starts with a Demo Reel, then goes on to detail 5 of the short films this demo reel drew content from. Here's to everything I learned this year, and many years of creative content to come!

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This demo reel is the product of an accumulation of projects I'd made or worked on within the last two years. 

Ambers was originally meant to be a superhero origin film, but I ended up having to cut it down to the core moment of reincarnation. I've had Amber as a character in my head for years, but I ended up collaborating heavily with members of the Indian Community to make sure I could tell her story in a way that does her culture justice. The Pheonix and settings are done in a chalky style, similar to Indian floor art, and Amber(/Amita) herself is almost entirely rotoscoped from footage I filmed of myself. 

Reboot is also almost entirely rotoscoped from footage I took of myself, though I also allowed myself to play with 2.5D space in After Effects and the Lightning Generator.

Invader Gems is actually a crossover fancomic taking Invader Zim characters and subplanting them into the alien society of Steven Universe. The assignment was to mimic another style, and since I already had a whole ton of research on both Johen Vasquez's Invader Zim and Rabecca Sugar's Steven Universe from making the fancomic, I decided to make a video promo to mark the completion of it's first arc: Mindful Re-Education. I learned a lot of new techniques in creating this video promo - including Cinema 4D

Lady Hailey was an independent project that I completed within a month, Assets and everything! It's a stopmotion film using toys and customized wooden artist mannequins, filmed on my dad's gaming table and voiced by my family. 

"Dad" is my parent's love story! I made this film in close collaboration with my mother, who provided references such as old family photos, addresses, and information. I illustrated my assets using Photoshop, heavily referencing those old photographs (even tracing some of them) to create that super detailed vintage feeling, and placed them in 2.5D space within Adobe After Effects.

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