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Seo Wen Xian 3D Modeling Showcase | Rookie Awards 2023

Seo Wen Xian 3D Modeling Showcase | Rookie Awards 2023

Seo Wen Xian
by venoxxxx on 17 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here is my entry for the Rookie Awards 2023 - a compilation showcasing my 3D modeling works as an animation/game development student from mid-2022 until now.

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Greetings! I am Wen Xian, a 3D Modeling/Texturing Artist from Malaysia, and I am delighted to present my work compilation submission for Rookies Awards 2023. My area of expertise is character modeling, although I also enjoy creating environmental assets. At present, I am actively seeking job opportunities, and I hope that this contest will be my final one before landing a position.

Lets start off from my most recent one:

Necro (Marmoset Real-time Render)

Close up render

Eye Render

Lighting Turntable

Modeling Process

Texture Maps

Marmoset Topology & Baking Viewer

off to the next one, my environment work:

Peaky Blinders Tommy's Office (Unreal Real Time Render)

Video Render Views

Detail Lighting

UE5 Viewport View

Modeling Process

High and Low Poly Showcase


Lastly, another character work:

Tommy Shelby - Peaky Blinders

Different HDRI Renders

Close up renders

Hair Close up renders


AO render

Modeling Process

Xgen Guides Preview

That concludes my progress update from October 2022 until now! It has been a wonderful experience learning about my passions, and encountering various artists throughout my college journey has been a great added bonus. These individuals have offered me valuable feedback, tips, and tricks that have contributed to my personal growth. I comprehend that my educational journey is only just beginning, and I am eager to discover what the future holds. I express my gratitude to everyone who has reviewed my projects. Good luck to all those submitting their work for this year's rookie awards; I am excited to see the incredible creations that other individuals have produced!

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