My 4 Artwork

My 4 Artwork

Lue Kian Hong
by HONGGG on 8 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I am pleased to share with you my completed projects from my student period, each of which was accomplished within a span of 14 weeks. Throughout the process, I acquired a diverse range of skills in areas such as hard surface modeling, topology, animal anatomy, animation, rendering, and compositing.

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Kimchi Pickling Factory (Mini Diorama)

I have redesigned a building specifically for the production and sale of kimchi - a traditional Korean fermented vegetable dish. The primary objective of the design is to offer visitors a firsthand experience of the art of pickling kimchi and the cultural significance it holds.

Process and Development

BMW M1 Paul Walker

Process and Development

Creature Modeling_Nian

The creature before us is the legendary Nian beast from Chinese folklore.

Process and Development

Paradise Highway Toilet

This is my concept idea, which is a paradise highway toilet in a dream. The idea came from a common condition called dream urine, which is experienced by most children but also occurs in adults.

Since the male protagonist still has this disease in adulthood, to cure it, he returned to his childhood dream and made a choice. He would not be tempted by the oncoming water polo and go to the usually unobstructed green light but chose not to urinate.

Process and Development

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