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by KAL on 6 Jan 2023 for Autodesk - RIG.B

Robot Falling into abyss.

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Update - 27 Jan 2023

3rd blocking is done. 
I guess shot-timing is done. What's left to do is posing and detail. 

There's still massive amount of body-mechanical errors.
Contact, anticipation, follow through... all the basic concepts could be easily overlooked during actual animating process. better focus and keep sharp.

BTW, I'm surprised I have 4 Hi-5 !! Thanks all.
Will comeback with the better clip next time.

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Update - 20 Jan 2023

Accidently pressed backward button, Twice! Typing the same sentance for the third time lol
would be better if it had a warning message.

Anyway, made 2nd animating shot for the contest. Defenitly better, but still tons of work to do.
maybe I can do all this easily when I get experienced enough?

Gotta remove later part(gadget show-off shot) for choice&concentration. bit sad, but may someday..

to do
1frame - character should start from the center of the screen.
11 -19frame - gotta maintain constant transition, no spike!
19frame - generally, character's head should toward downside.
73frame- should stretch other leg. for better silhouette.
115frame- mind the SPACING!!!

Thank you all for watching and single precious HIGH-FIVE!!
will see you all with better animating!

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Update - 13 Jan 2023

Made 1st blocking clip. it's a bit haze right now.

To do
* match camera movement and character movement
* focus gripping hand more
* more effort with posing!
* adjust timing with every acting
* landing shot is too tight
* no changing position of hand and leg during final slide shot

Had some difficulties with HumanIK rig. Maybe because it's first time work with HIK rig?
Got managed issue somehow, but needs some studying afterward. 

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Update - 12 Jan 2023

Added more acting and did some editing. 
Thought it would be better concentrating to action to keep up with dynamic vibes.
But i eager to  use the rig's awesome gadget:) 

Animatics and drawing always was the most diffucult part for me. 

Not entirely happy with current animatics, but should move on to previs now.

Update - 6 Jan 2023

Hi, I'm excited to work on this project along many other skillful people.
I will post progress and any update regards to this project.

First, I downloaded and Checked Rigging and tweak controllers that I can animate. Rig has so many gadgets.

It will be awesome :) many Thanks to Rigging artist and modeling artist!

And now, I'm working on animatics using Storyboarder.


Made 1st animatics reel.. it's not terrible, but certainly needs some improvements.
* timing is too loose
* needs more action
* needs to be more persuasive
will make adjustment about reel and move on to previs..or blocking.